Kelly and Woods began as a partnership between Liam and Justin, who were influenced by a mutual love for travel and sharing stories of nature, culture and adventure. Through inspiring collaboration and dedicated hard work, this project has grown into a full-service production company driven by the same values and goals which started it all.


Liam Kelly

Entrepreneur, Producer

"I've always been and will always be an entrepreneur. My exposure to the broader business world ensures that every story we tell is purpose-driven, never losing sight of how video fits in with what businesses do."

Liam Kelly specialises in launching businesses (TravelBud and Kelly and Woods) and drones (Agatha).  He brings a structured approach to working on major productions and with clients. Liam has prioritised travel in his businesses and lifestyle, giving him a wealth of experience and insight into global cultures and the travel industry. Even so, his favourite place to travel is the Richtersveld in South Africa.


Justin Woods

Director, Cinematographer

"Kelly and Woods has allowed me to explore and express my creativity, offering countless opportunities to translate the beauty I see in people and the world around me into stories that are true to the subjects they’re told about.”

Justin Woods is an expert (and somewhat obsessive) cinematographer and editor, who puts a huge amount of energy into working with new gear and new techniques to create innovative products. His passion for tech and ability to connect with people as well as capture the essence of a scene means that Justin has the technical and creative skills to transform any brief into a visually spectacular and emotionally impactful video.


Dylan Bosman

Director, Editor

"Kelly and Woods has allowed me to focus solely on my passion for storytelling. Together we're pushing boundaries in pursuit of stories that are authentic, engage audiences and empower the brands and people that we believe in."

Dylan Bosman is a detail-driven and quality-focused visual storyteller who specializes in editing and direction. With an infectious passion for the power of story, extensive experience in all areas of production and an innate talent for precision, Dylan is able to envision the bigger picture and then make it pixel perfect. He has worked with many major brands to help them tell their stories clearly, concisely and with vigor.


Alessandra Squarzon



"I've worked with the Kelly and Woods team on numerous projects over the last 2 years. Sharing the same vision has made it a winning collaboration. We aim to inspire!"

Alessandra is an Italian filmmaker based in Cape Town who produces narrative and branded content. Her passion is revealing the story behind a brand in the most genuine way and capturing it through the lens. She's tackled complex non-profit projects, high end architectural videos, and videos for the travel industry. Click here to find out more about Ale.


We're passionate about the power of collaboration and proud to work together with these talented collaborators. Reach out if you'd like to collaborate with the Kelly and Woods team.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit.
— Harry S. Truman